Tuhon Rommel: Tactical Wasay
Philadelphia will never be the same. Wasay, lugod, dumpag, weapons of opportunity, and flexible weapon. Tuhon Rommel you have energized this city and the students. We are single handedly bringing PTK to Philly and after 3 years of hard work... it's here. The future of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali is in the hands of great leadership, quality, integrity, and honor. We want to thank the PTK representatives from Brooklyn Elite and NJ Bakunawa for bringing great energy. Also NJ South Paw Gym bringing honor and respect for the system. Florida Makilas in Philadelphia was a great honor for us. To newly promoted Yakan Isa and Lakan Dalawa and Lakan Tatlo students, you bring honor ro our group and Philadelphia. Your hardwork has paid off, congrats! To our devoted, dedicated students, thank you for coming out and representing your city and this group. There is only up from here! Tuhon Rommel you are our family. Thank you for sharing your beautiful culture and family system with us. We stand with you 100%.