:Agalon Rich Howe Seminar 
When Reality Strikes
Day 1: When Reality Strikes! Agalon Rich W. Howe bringing that Makilas fire! Today there was a heatwave, 95 degrees and the heat index made it feel over 100 degress. No excuses for these warriors. It was a great session of improvised weapons, specifically for the urban environment, as well as solo baston strategy and applications. It was a day PTKCOP practitioners will never forget. We want to thank everyone for coming out and bringing great energy. As well as the visitors who came from out of town. More pictures on the way!

Day 2: When Reality Strikes! Summer Scorcher! Strategy and tactics in regards to stick applications and sparring. Transferability into empty hands. Knife Threat Assessments. Managing stress. As well as laughs, smiles, challenges, exploration and reasoning. NYC Francis A D Estrada Arvee Garde Njoli Brown Mike Marzoa Vincent Cruz Rodel Pagui Nyah Kuti were in the house and showed great support and leadership. Brothers from NJ Dha Dhmayla Olugbala Lance Paige came through and contributed to the great experience. Devoted practitioners from Philly Eva Fica Philly Nebt HetToluwalase Ayoko Moore-Shabazz Kelly Anita Rachel Ann Pabalinas Massas Carolyn Dombrowski H Augustin Ch Carl Holster Luke Shocker Nick Darby did a great job with positive training ethic, hosting, and representing the hard work invested these proud months. Huge thank you to my queen Oldspirit Youngqueen, Kenny Shaquan Richardson and Ricky Mel for being on board from the beginning and supporting this development. Great to get to this point. Agalon Rich Rich W. Howe and Alyson from Makilas Group, we were so honored to have you in our backyard. Thank you Rich for taking time to visit Philadelphia and sharing your experience and knowledge in this great way of life, Pekiti-Tirsia Kali. You will always be welcome in our home. This was a great weekend.

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